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There’s no question that Americans need to make some tough choices about priorities. Changes in policies supporting home ownership potentially impact your own family and wallet as well as our recovering housing market and broader economy and the institution of home ownership – the American Dream itself – for generations to come. It remains to be seen how Americans feel about preserving policies that support and encourage home ownership.

Tell Congress to Extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act
In the early months of the housing crisis, Congress did something that made a huge difference for millions of homeowners. It passed the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.
Tell Congress ‘Hands Off’ the Mortgage Interest Deduction!
Life is filled with tough choices and Americans are facing a big one: should we continue to support the dream of home ownership or not? Because of what Congress is doing, that dream is at risk.
Will Congress help or derail America’s commercial real estate recovery?
Fast Fact: Shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial real estate we count on every day have still not fully recovered from the economic crisis. Congress needs to ensure a full recovery. When we talk about commercial real estate, we’re tal …
How Does Home Ownership Differ Around the Globe?
The country a person calls ‘home’ can be a game changer when it comes to the ability to own a home. Not every government gives home ownership the same respect we give it here in the U.S.
Challenges facing today’s mature adult home owners
Home ownership has long been a cornerstone of the American Dream, especially for those over the age of 65. While the rate of home ownership for other age groups has decreased in recent years, the number of mature adult homeowners has actually increased. They now represent the largest percentage of homeowners in our country.
Will Rising Interest Rates Threaten Your Home Value?
One of the ways our government keeps the economy on track is by influencing interest rates. Think of interest as the cost to borrow and use money. Lowering rates encourages people and businesses to borrow and spend, which helps grow jobs and the economy. Conversely, raising rates has the opposite effect, moderating growth and controlling inflation.
A Second Chance for Foreclosed Homeowners and Another Boost for the Economy
The housing victims of the Great Recession – those 5 million people who lost their homes to foreclosure or short sale— may be the very same people who, simply by buying homes again, yank our economy out of its lingering doldrums.

Have You Signed The Homeowner Bill of Rights?

It’s time to stand up and be counted! Did you know that homeowners pay between 80 and 90 percent of all federal income taxes? If you are a homeowner, show your support now for a Homeowner Bill of Rights. Sign it now!

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