Policy Impacting America’s Homeless

by HOM Editor

Homelessness impacts our economy, our communities and our neighborhoods and we need to be sure we do all that we can to resolve it.

Stories about the homeless in America

Finding Solutions For The Homeless in America

In 2007, Florida REALTOR® Sherri Meadows had a discussion with a waiter that ultimately sparked a nationwide effort among her colleagues to address issues of homelessness.

A New Land Use Initiative To Improve The Housing Market

Hawaii REALTORS believe that the initiative will help to revise outdated land use regulations and improve the island’s housing situation.

Veterans And Homelessness

Video: Around 40,000 veterans across the United States are homeless. This video explains what efforts are underway to address the problem.

Finding Solutions For Hawai’i Homeless

Hawai’i Association of REALTORS® works with the Governor’s office to help the island address homelessness crisis.

Oregon REALTORS® Improve Vets’ Access to Housing

The Oregon Association of REALTORS® is continuing a strong history of supporting affordable housing opportunities in their state.

Des Moines REALTORS® and Foundation Support Housing Efforts

Members of the Des Moines Area Association of REALTORS® support their communities through a charitable foundation that funds efforts to provide and improve housing opportunities.

Florida REALTORS® Make Homelessness a Priority Issue

Leading REALTORS® spent two months traveling the state, meeting with members of Florida REALTORS® and getting their thoughts on homelessness issues.