Tax Reform Proposal Will Decrease New Jersey Home Values

By HOM Editor

New Jersey Home Values At Risk

Homeowners in New Jersey could see their taxes increase and their home’s value significantly decline under the current Congressional tax reform plans. The Senate, for example, would eliminate state and local tax deductions, including property taxes, and at the same time reduce your ability to benefit from the mortgage interest deduction.

Homes across New Jersey stand to lose between $20,480 and $42,400 in value under current proposals. New Jerseyans cannot afford to pay this heavy price for tax reform.

Find out here how your home’s value could decline if this harmful reform plan is enacted.

Click on the interactive map above to see how home values would change.

With a potential vote just days away, you must act today. Take Action to tell Congress to vote NO on these harmful tax reform plans. Tax reform should not be paid for on the backs of New Jersey homeowners.

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Tell Congress you oppose any tax reform plan that would weaken the tax incentives for owning a home, such as the Mortgage Interest Deduction, or increase taxes on homeowners by eliminating the state and local tax deduction.

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