Video: What Are the Top Three Homeowner Tax Incentives?

By HOM Editor

Learn More About Popular Tax Incentives for Homeowners

Not only is owning a home a cornerstone of the American Dream, but it also makes a lot of financial sense.

That’s because home equity provides the single largest source of savings and wealth for middle class families. And, home spending is a notable portion of our nation’s GDP, helping to support jobs, wage growth and our entire economy.

So it’s no surprise that our elected representatives tend to support policy that encourages home ownership.

While there are dozens of policies falling into this bucket, a few stand out as most popular among homeowners.

  • Mortgage Interest Deduction
  • Deducting Property Taxes
  • Capital Gains Exclusion

Watch the video to learn more.

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Don’t Let Tax Reform Become A Tax Increase For Homeowners

Tell Congress you oppose any tax reform plan that would weaken the tax incentives for owning a home, such as the Mortgage Interest Deduction, or increase taxes on homeowners by eliminating the state and local tax deduction.

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