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Weather causing unexpected, unforeseen headaches for homeowners

An influx of severe weather in places not used to such dangerous conditions has wreaked havoc on homeowners when it comes to insurance.

Historic infrastructure bill passes, but it will merely be a good first step

American families lose, on average, about $3,300 annually due to failed infrastructure. Did you ever hit a pothole and blow out a tire? That’s failed infrastructure. Did you ever lose power long enough, or does it happen frequently enough, where you ha …

It looks fine and tastes good, but tap water is unsafe for many Americans

When you pour yourself a glass of water from the tap in your kitchen, you can hold the glass up to the light and the liquid looks crystal clear. Next, doing your best impression of a wine connoisseur, you swirl the water around in the glass and tip it …

Logistical challenges remain for universal access to broadband internet

When most of the country was introduced to high-speed internet and was able to graduate from the old and slow dial up connections, it would have been hard to believe that all these years later there would still be a significant amount of people in Amer …

What’s an NFT and Can It Help Me Buy or Sell a Home?

The housing market is so hot right now, that even digital homes are selling for unbelievable prices.

New Property Act Helps Black Landowners in Arkansas Protect Inherited Land

Arkansas has become the fifth state to enact the Uniform Partition of Heirs’ Property Act (UPHPA), a move that will protect the interests of black landowners

Cicadas: What You Can Do to Protect Your Home and Yard

There’s nothing you can do to prevent cicadas from emerging, but you can take steps to protect your home and garden from the swarms of insects preparing to surface.

Expect the Housing Market to Cool, Not Crash

Key indicators that the housing marketing will simply cool off versus crashing like it’s 2008.

What Happens if My Home Appraised Lower Than the Purchase Price?

With limited inventory and multiple offers on homes, the price you’re willing to pay for a home may end up being higher than the appraised value.


Florida Property Insurance Rates Soar: Why it’s Happening and What You Can Do

Florida homeowners are watching helplessly as their property insurance rates soar.

Students Designed Colorado SPARC Home

Two inventive college students designed a net-zero award winning home in Fraser, Colorado.

Homeowners Along Rhode Island’s Shoreline Worry that New Legislation Will Diminish Their Already Shrinking Private Property

Shoreline rights for Rhode Island tide walkers may shrink private property lines for homeowners.

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How Can TikTok Help You in Your Home Search?

Homebuyers are using TikTok to tour homes and gain real estate related advice and education.

Millennials still believe in the “American Dream” – even if they don’t call it that

Millennials who are struggling to buy homes in the current marketplace, still strive for the American Dream — they just don’t call it that.

How Netflix Is Making Things Tricky for New Mexico Homebuyers

Show business is bringing jobs, tourism, and a housing boom to New Mexico. Industry giants like Netflix, Facebook, and most recently NBCUniversal, have been setting up shop in the Land of Enchantment since 2017.


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