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Thanks to COVID-19 millennials do an about face and look to suburbs – not cities – for their next home

Millennials are shifting homebuying priorities thanks to COVID-19, taking a page out of the “Boomer” handbook and choosing the ‘burbs over the city

Homeowners getting additional help from FHA because of COVID-19

Are you strapped financially due to COVID-19 and is that impacting your ability to pay your mortgage? The FHA’s new “waterfall” could help.

When It’s Time to Move, Should You Buy or Sell First?

Is it better to list your current home before starting a new home search or to wait until you’ve found your next house?

Renters having their COVID-19 safety nets removed, face uncertain future

With no additional pandemic relief packages yet announced, renters face a precarious future as boosted unemployment payments end and evictions resume.

New Model: Nearly six million more U.S. homes in flood danger

Your home may not be as safe from a flood as you think. A new model found that almost six million more homes are in danger than previously thought.

What Happens to My Earnest Money if My Deal Falls Through?

When your home purchase falls through, what happens to the escrow or earnest funds you put down?

How to Protect Your Money from Cyber Fraud When Completing a Closing Remotely

How homeowners and sellers can protect themselves from cyber fraud when conducting a virtual home closing.

How HUD’s Counseling Services Can Help Homeowners and Home Buyers

Why HUD borrowers should take advantage of the organizations valuable, and free, counseling services.

Owner-Renter Hybrids Are Emerging During the Pandemic

Hybrid housing arrangements combine the advantages of renting and owning, making it popular amidst the pandemic.


South Carolina REALTORS® Aid in Winning School Funding Campaign

Residents and REALTORS® worked together to pass a critical school referendum in South Carolina.

A Guide for Arizona Homeowners Before, During, and After a Wildfire

How Arizona homeowners can proactively protect their property from wildfire damage.

What Does Idaho’s Population Boom Mean for Homeowners?

Idaho has become a hot real estate market in 2020. Learn how the ongoing population boom will impact new and existing homeowners.

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