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What Exactly Is Infrastructure And Why Is It Important To Homeowners?

Candidates often talk about “making sure there is enough money for local infrastructure.” But what does that really mean to you as a homeowner?

A 30-Year FRM is Still the Most Reliable Way to Finance a Home

Most people who take out a loan to buy a home choose the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. It’s considered the gold standard. And yet, some want to see it go away.

Is Your Smart Fridge Talking to Your Home Insurance Provider?

Right now, the home insurance industry is experiencing what many refer to as a disruption because of the data smart devices can provide them.

How Should You Approach Buying a Home For The First Time?

There are a lot of different routes for first-time homebuyers to enter the housing market – and many of those roads are designed to help them traverse the sometimes craggily path toward homeownership.

Veterans Are Finding a Second Career in House Flipping

Veterans are discovering that real estate investing, or house flipping, is a career path that is well matched with the skill sets they learned in the military.

The 3 Questions Veterans and Active Service Persons Should Be Asking Their REALTOR®

These three questions will help you find out if your REALTOR® is armed with the knowledge you want behind you during the homebuying process.


Connecticut’s Foundation Crisis Continues On

Some homeowners in northeastern Connecticut have been experiencing their own personal earthquakes as faulty home foundations fail underfoot.

Outside the Box Thinking: San Jose Tackles Affordable Housing Crisis

In the past year, the city of San Jose has completely re-written its zoning code to include co-living as a use within the code.

Total Sales Volume Up in Kansas

The number of available units at the end of October 2019 was 10,302, down from 11,428 in October 2018

Clarity About Workforce Housing Could Help with Affordability

Teachers and other public servants who are starting a job for the first time look for a place to live close to their work and find they can’t afford to live there.

New Legislation Means Lower Insurance Premiums For Florida Homeowners

The new reform bill will lower premiums and give Florida homeowners greater flexibility when purchasing home insurance.

Voters Approve Property Tax Increase to Build New Schools in Madison, Alabama

Voters in both Madison and Triana approved a property tax hike to the millage rate of 12 mills by a whopping 71-29 margin.


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