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New Condo Rules Could Create More Affordable Housing

It’s been a long-time coming, but new loan policies for condominiums are finally coming to fruition which will create more housing affordability for Americans.

Cannabis Dispensaries Create Profits For Homeowners

In cities around the country, legal cannabis dispensaries are acting as a beacon – indicating that a neighborhood’s property values are, or soon will be, on the rise.

Take Inventory of Your Belongings Before a Disaster Strikes

Documenting all of your belongings certainly may seem like an intimidating undertaking, but with the right assistance and resources it can be totally manageable.

8 Signs It’s Time to Become a Homeowner

Becoming a homeowner is a big decision, so you want to make sure it’s right for you. If you’re on the fence, we have 8 signs that it may just be time to take the plunge.

Home Prices Slip in Some Metro Areas

While home prices are increasing in 91 percent of U.S. Markets, prices are slipping in some of the costliest markets, according to a new report.

Real Estate Industry Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

According to a recent FBI report, “business email compromise attacks” on real estate are on the rise and potential homebuyers and sellers need to be aware.


Central Ohio a Hot Market for Houses and Condos

In Central Ohio, even though the prices continue to climb at breakneck speed, the demand for homes in the area still exceeds the need.

North Dakota Has Plenty of Hidden Opportunities for Potential Homeowners

Did you know that North Dakota offers programs that assist families in finding an affordable home?

Here’s Why Alaska May Be the Next Frontier for Homeowners

Alaska’s dedicated environmentalists are changing the game when it comes to their home state’s future.

Housing Stats: Closed Sales Are Up in Akron-Cleveland Area

Cuyahoga and Summit Counties see median sales price increases compared to last year.

Property Owners Have Been Big Winners in Texas Legislature This Year

The Texas Legislature passed several property tax reform laws to benefit current and future property owners in the Lone Star State.

Kansans now pay the state $60 million more in taxes Following Governor’s Veto

Federal tax reform in 2017 doubled the standard deduction, however, the State of Kansas did not. Legislators must act to preserve these incentives.


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Why Home Ownership Matters

Equity Buildup

Owning a home is a good investment

Tax Incentives

Mortgage Interest and Real Property Tax Deductions are a financial benefit

Neighborhood Pride

Homeowners form the bedrock of successful communities