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Real Estate Industry Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

According to a recent FBI report, “business email compromise attacks” on real estate are on the rise and potential homebuyers and sellers need to be aware.

U.S. Supreme Court Restores Property Rights, Prevents Local Governments from Taking Land

A recent Supreme Court decision disallows the government from turning private property into public property without first paying for it.

New Executive Order Takes on Housing Affordability Issues

In June, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to create a new White House Council to tackle affordable housing issues across the country.

Protecting the American Dream

While the nation recognized National Homeownership Month in June, the fight to protect and preserve the American Dream endures all year long.

Home Loans for Veterans No Longer Capped

Veterans who secure loans through the VA’s Home Loan Guaranty Program will no longer have a capped amount on what they can borrow.

VA Home Loan Guaranty Program Hits Milestone

The 24 millionth VA loan was recently given to Army Sgt. 1st Class William Kopf, an Active Guard Reserve Soldier.


Kansans now pay the state $60 million more in taxes Following Governor’s Veto

Federal tax reform in 2017 doubled the standard deduction, however, the State of Kansas did not. Legislators must act to preserve these incentives.

average sale price across Kansas up 7 percent

From June 2018 to 2019, the average sale price across Kansas was up 7 percent.

Housing Stats: Median Prices Rose For All Miami-Dade Property Types In June

Miami-Dade County mid-market single-family home sales increased, and median prices rose for all property types in June.

Despite Wide Support, Referendum on Sales Tax Increased in Duval County Delayed

Several schools in Florida’s Duval County are in need of safety and infrastructure improvements or upgrades, and the School Board is recommending a .05-cent sales surtax to rectify the problem.

New Study Released on the lead contamination issue in Cleveland

New study estimates the potential cost to owners and tenants, as well as additional financial expenditures that may be incurred to address lead contamination issue in the City of Cleveland.

Texas legislature Ends Forced Annexation

This year’s legislative session resulted in several big wins for everyone who buys, sells, owns or leases real estate in Texas.


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