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Buy or Wait? How to Make Your Move During A Time of Low Inventory

How to decide if you should buy or wait when the housing market has a limited inventory of homes to choose from.

Most first-time homebuyers rely on family, friends to make a down payment

According to a recent survey, 52% of Americans who bought their first home in 2020 said that family or friends helped them make their down payment.

7 Ways to Schedule Home Viewings When There’s Nowhere to Go

Buyers selling their home during the COVID-19 pandemic are finding their options limited when they have to leave for showings.

Homeownership Stabilization Amid COVID-19

As families and communities across the country begin to navigate the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people face the challenge of not knowing where to go for help.

COVID-19 Drives Interest in Rural Homeownership

Homebuyers are looking at rural and suburban areas as their need to be located in an urban center dwindles and desire for more space increases.

3 Pandemic Inspired Buying Trends With Staying Power

A look at how the pandemic has changed which features are the most important to prospective home buyers.

Homeowner Insurance Rates Are Rising

See the list of states with some of the fastest rising home insurance rates in the country.

How the Preservation of Historic, African American Sites Benefits the Whole Community

Historic preservation projects funded by grants through organizations like the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund are good for cities.

Using tax law to create new housing opportunities is outside-the-box thinking

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code allows a real estate property, used for business or held as an investment, to be exchanged for another property that is of “like-kind.”


Are California Homeowners Protected Against Sinkholes Caused By Aging Infrastructure?

Neglected storm drains have led to sinkholes in CA causing damage to highways, schools, and private property.

Challenges and Resources for First-Time, Native American Homebuyers in South Dakota

Native Americans who want to purchase homes in South Dakota reservations have resources in place to help offset the challenges.

Meeker County Minnesota Is Making It Easier for Residents to Become Homeowners

A new Meeker County Homeownership Program is making homeownership a reality for more residents who need help with funding.

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