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Arizona REALTORS® Oppose Mandatory Demand Charge for Residential Power Customers

By HOM Editorial Team
April 2016

The Arizona REALTORS® recently opposed a rate case before the Arizona Corporation Commission which would have set a poor precedence in allowing power companies to charge on the basis of peak usage rather than total consumption during the billing period. Under UniSource Energy Services’s (UES’s) proposal, power users in Mohave and Santa Cruz counties could have seen substantially higher electric bills.

Arizona REALTORS® responded by filing an official letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission Docket opposing UES’s rate proposal. The letter expressed concern that the proposal would establish a rate structure that is not only confusing to residential ratepayers, but would result in substantially higher electric bills.

The REALTOR®’s letter respectfully requested the Commissioners to reject the demand rate proposal and adopt a sensible, fairer and more understandable rate design. In response to our opposition and public opposition, UES announced on Tuesday, April 26, that it would withdraw its proposal and revert to their original proposal and only pursue the mandatory demand charges for solar customers.

Arizona REALTORS® is the only organization who advocates on behalf of private property owners, renters and REALTORS® throughout Arizona.

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