Early Voting

Why Early Voting Matters

By HOM Editor

As citizens, we have the power through elections to decide who or what policies represent us in our communities and at the national level. Thirty-seven states allow eligible voters to cast their vote early. Early voting gives people a chance to get to the polls before Election Day.

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A typical day for many Americans has changed drastically since the original voting laws were written, and confining a vote to just one day for only 8-12 hours simply does not work or benefit the electorate. Those with childcare duties or limiting work schedules, lessens the time it takes to vote.

Early voting allows eligible voters to visit an official election office or other satellite voting locations, and cast a vote in-person without needing to offer an excuse for why the voter is unable to vote on Election Day. The ability to early vote can ease stress levels and increase voter satisfaction.

The midterm campaigns are in full swing with candidates and state and local referendums being discussed and debated right now. Does your state allow early voting? The more people that vote the greater chance of electing leaders that are truly reflections of the communities, cities, states and the country they represent.

List of Early-Voting States


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