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REALTORS® Survey: Rochester a great place to live and getting better

By HOM Editorial Team
July 2016

When most people think of Rochester, MN the Mayo Clinic is what comes to mind. It is one of the greatest health care facilities in the world, evidenced by more than 1 million in annual patient visits. Mayo Clinic visitors come to Rochester for everything from a simple check-up to life saving treatments.

However, local REALTORS have known for a while that Rochester, MN is not only a healthcare destination but a premier place to live and raise a family. In fact, since 1990 Rochester has grown by around 35,000 residents and the growth is predicted to continue at the same pace.

Rochester is actually in the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan to prepare for the housing expansion to come. During one of the planning meetings for the plan the city staff voiced that they would love to have real data on what Rochester residents were thinking about housing. The Southeast Minnesota Association of REALTORS® (SEMAR) was happy to step up and began working with NAR’s Smart Growth program to put together a resident survey.

The survey results demonstrated what local REALTORS had already predicted – residents love living in Rochester and are happy with the pace that the town is growing. In fact, 90% of residents surveyed felt that the quality of life was excellent. The survey results also showed that despite the popularity of downtown apartments with walkable shops, half of the population prefer to live in homes that are set away from the city center and don’t mind the drive to shopping areas.

SEMAR shared the results with the City Council and they have since been incorporated into City documents and presentations. The survey has been a terrific tool to gain insight into what residents think of the area, and what their housing needs are. Bringing awareness to the fact that their housing needs are diverse, and supporting SEMAR’s call for more housing of every type in every location.

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