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Passaic County REALTORS® Aren’t Just Selling Homes, They’re Building Them

By HOM Editor
September 2017

REALTORS® out to help Habitat for Humanity build a new, energy efficient home in West Milford NJ

Homeowners in Passaic County might not realize that their local REALTORS® not only sell homes, they also help to support residents in need. Former Passaic County Board of REALTORS® (PCBOR) President, John Walters explains, “REALTORS® are community builders, and many are on the front lines serving in various volunteer capacities within our towns and cities.”

One of the many ways that Passaic REALTORS® help is by working with organizations in the area that need additional support. In particular, the association looks for housing opportunity organizations that give families in need a place to call home. Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit that has helped build homes across the world since 1976, seemed like a natural partnership.

When PCBOR reached out to ask how they could support the organization’s mission, Habitat called for hands on deck. PCBOR responded, sending 50 REALTORS® out to help Habitat for Humanity build a new, energy efficient home in West Milford NJ. The enthusiastic REALTORS® worked from 8:30 in the morning until approximately 4:00 in the afternoon.

The added manpower meant that the volunteers were able to completely assemble the home’s foundation. “We did everything, from setting up scaffolds, to shoveling gravel, to putting up signs and using nail guns. It was a lot of hard work but it paid off at the end of the day,” said George Finelli, a REALTOR® and volunteer.

Another volunteer remarked that the Habitat for Humanity foreman was impressed with the group’s hard work and looked forward to having them on site again. PCBOR is excited to continue their partnership with Habitat for Humanity as well and felt that they were off to a great start.

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