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Bismarck, North Dakota

North Dakota Has Plenty of Hidden Opportunities for Potential Homeowners

With Dozens of Homeownership Assistance and Work Recruitment Programs at Your Fingertips, North Dakota is a Budget-Friendly and Fruitful Option for Your First Home

By HOM Editorial Team
September 2019

Often unassuming and hidden on the map, North Dakota has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. Nearly 90% of the state’s land area—39.1 million acres—is ranches and farms, meaning this is an ideal place for agritourism and is prosperous with job opportunities.

It is home to more wildlife refuges than any other state, as well as the dazzling Lake Sakakawea which has more shoreline than the California Pacific Coast. North Dakota is also the number one producer of honey in the nation, has one of the shortest average commute times in the country, a collection of the world’s largest scrap metal sculptures (stretched along a 32-mile span appropriately called the Enchanted Highway), and is home to the world-renowned Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

North Dakota Agriculture

“North Dakota has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.”

North Dakota doesn’t only offer beautiful surroundings and environmentally conscious organizations, but this state also has a low cost of living, high quality of life, and is a budget-friendly option for your next home.

There are handfuls of programs that not only assist families in finding an affordable home, but also a fruitful career. It comes as no surprise that the Peace Garden State has been among the top five greatest places to live in the U.S for the past couple of years.

North Dakota

With pristine air quality, water quality, a young median age, and a community in which only about 30% of the residents express that they worry about money (based on a Gallup survey), this peaceful state is the sanctuary your family will fall in love with and happily plant roots.

Finally, the Roughrider State has an unemployment rate of only 2.6%, the 4th lowest in the country, as well as a median household income of $61,843, higher than the United States median income. These numbers paint a comfortable picture of the quality of life in ND.


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