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Support the Louisiana First-Time Home Buyer Program

Invest in the Future. Invest in Louisiana.

Many aspiring first-time homebuyers find it hard to save for a down payment, especially with young families that are heavily burdened by student debt. The Louisiana First-Time Home Buyer Program would offer the help families need to buy their first home by reimbursing a portion of the first-time homebuyer’s closing costs and down payment and ultimately help boost our economy.

Tell your state legislators to support the Louisiana First-Time Home Buyer Program today.

Now, more than ever, Louisiana must give our first-time homebuyers the opportunity to realize their dreams — and move our economy forward.


How could I open an account?

First-time homebuyers would be able open a “first-time homebuyer” account at a financial institution. 

How could I use the funds saved in the account?

The buyer would use the funds saved in that account for closing costs and down payment when purchasing a home (eligible costs). 

How does homeownership benefit the economy?

Every home purchase puts at least $50,000 into the economy. Homeowners are more likely to vote, volunteer and contribute more to their neighborhoods.

What are the benefits of being a homeowner?

– Owning a home is one of the best ways to build long-term wealth.

– Mortgage interest and real estate property tax deductions are a financial benefit.

– Homeowners form the bedrock of successful communities.

Authorized by Louisiana REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®