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Short-Term Rentals Are Good for Our Local Economy — and Our Community

City officials are trying to place limits on who can rent a property and for how long. The ordinance would limit short-term rentals in most parts of the city to owner-occupied homes, where the owner is in residence at least 180 days a year. So, if you owned a home in Berlin but did not live there, you could NOT use it as a short term-rental.

Homeowners Rely on Short-Term Rentals for Income

Home maintenance, utilities and property taxes are expensive. Many Berlin homeowners depend on short-term rental income to help make ends meet.

This Ordinance Is a Solution In Search of a Problem

Sensible ordinances already on the books allow us to keep our property rights as Berlin keeps its small-town charm.

Don’t let city politicians write the end of this story… protect your rights and the rights of all homeowners in Berlin.


Tell your legislator to vote NO on ORDINANCE 2021-03. Make your voice heard today!

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