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Austin Board of REALTORS® Advocates for New Development Code

By HOM Editorial Team
June 2015

The Austin Board of REALTORS® is working with the City of Austin, Texas, to rewrite and revise the city’s Land Development Code, a disorganized set of rules and regulations that has been hard for new developers and property owners to interpret and comply with.

Many suburban neighborhoods and local homeowner associations also have their own codes and covenants that increase the complexity of the Land Development Code. As the revision progresses with the new Austin City Council, the Board of REALTORS® will work to assist and advocate for a more streamlined and consistent Code. A more efficient Code will allow property owners to move within Austin without worrying about new regulations that are inconsistent with their old neighborhood.

Last November, the voters in Austin elected a new mayor and nine new City Council members. The Board of REALTORS® is monitoring city government to understand where the new officials will take a stance on such important issues as property rights, consumer protections and real estate development.

The Board will also advocate for, and assist the City Council in developing a new permitting process that makes residential building requirements and codes uniform, and the city more cohesive.

The Austin Board of REALTORS® will continue to work with city government to build a better, stronger community.

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