Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Home Loan Toolkit

Articles from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Home Loan Toolkit

The following articles are based on information from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Home Loan Toolkit. The complete toolkit, including financial worksheets and valuable tips, is available as a download.

4 Important Conversations To Have When Buying A Home

Purchasing a home is a big investment and you should feel at ease asking questions, and discussing the process with your loved ones and your lender.

Handling Problems During The Home Loan Process

If you experience problems or discrimination while going through the home loan process it’s important that you know what recourse you have.

4 Steps To Help You Protect Your Home Investment

Whether you plan on staying in your new home for five years or fifty, it’s important to make sure you are protecting your investment.

Avoiding Pitfalls During The Home Loan Process

Read about some of the common pitfalls homeowners should avoid during the mortgage process.

3 Steps To Take Before Closing Your Mortgage

Once you’ve decided to move forward with a lender based on the Loan Estimate, you are ready to shop for the closing agent who gathers all the legal documents, closes the loan, and handles the money involved in your purchase.

8 Steps To Take Before Getting A New Mortgage

As a consumer, it’s important to enter the mortgage selection process with a firm grasp on which financial arrangement will work best for your household.

Protect Your Home Tax Deduction

Don’t let Congress take away your Home Interest Deductions!
Changes to the Mortgage Interest and Real Property Tax Deductions will harm the financial stability of American families. Urge Congress to oppose any changes to income tax deductions on your home.

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