Homeownership Really Does Matter

We believe that homeownership is an achievement.

Buying a home is one of the largest investment a person can make in their lifetime. It takes time, perseverance and sacrifice. If you’ve bought a home or plan to do so, you know what we’re taking about!

Since its inception, Home Ownership Matters has been used by millions of current and future homeowners to learn about and take action on policies that impact homeowners and homeownership in general.

Here are some campaigns we are currently working on:

Attention Property Owners!

Make sure Congress knows that you support programs that support property owners. Go to the American Property Owners Alliance now and sign the petition. (external link)

Attention Homeowners!

Remind your elected officials to tackle a number of important infrastructure issues, like improving our roads, schools and bridges – and increasing access to high-speed internet.

We hope you’ll get involved!

We invite you to join with other current and future homeowners across the country to address the tough issue facing local communities every day including the chronic housing shortage, rising taxes, and the roadblocks many face on their path to buying their first home.

We’re here to keep you informed and notify you when important issues about homeownership are taking place in your community, in your state or at the national level because we believe that homeownership really does matter.

Why Homeownership Matters

Equity Buildup

Owning a home is a good investment

Tax Incentives

Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Property Tax Deductions are a financial benefit

Neighborhood Pride

Homeowners form the bedrock of successful communities