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Robo-Signer and OCC Settlements

Fast Fact: Two of the most highly publicized bank investigations recently culminated in the BIGGEST settlements. But there’s no such thing as easy solutions…even the settlements are fraught with challenges. WHY IT MATTERS Millions were allegedly wronge …

April 22, 2013

Your Insurance Costs and Coverage

Fast Fact: Natural disasters are occurring in more places and causing more damage than ever before. As a result insurance costs have risen almost 40% and companies are finding ways to limit your coverage. We are constantly reminded that disasters can s …

April 18, 2013

Is the Government Doing Enough on Housing?

Almost 70% of voters surveyed recently believe the home mortgage interest tax deduction shouldn’t be repealed as a way to cut the massive federal deficit, according to a national voter survey sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. The surve …

April 1, 2013