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Getting to Know the Capital Gains Tax Exemption

Meet Bill and Mary. A married couple, they sold their primary residence last year and made a profit. The profit they made on their home sale is subject to a federal capital gains tax. However, the profits Bill and Mary earned on the sale of their home …

January 22, 2014

Do You Know About the Mortgage Interest Deduction?

The home mortgage interest deduction is vital to the housing market. The MID saves the average home owner thousands of dollars every year. It also makes the dream of home ownership a reality for America’s middle class. How does the MID work? In general …

January 22, 2014

How the Mortgage Interest Deduction is Vital to the Housing Market

The home mortgage interest deduction saves the average home owner thousands of dollars at tax time, supports home values at the community level, and helps American home buyers get into their first house. Having a tax deduction for mortgage interest mak …

January 22, 2014

Student Debt & Your Wallet

Fast Fact: Student debt is now growing at a rate of $3,000 per second. If we do not slow this rate down, our home values and our wallets could take some tough hits. STUDENT DEBT IS NOW GROWING AT A RATE OF $3,000 PER SECOND. IF WE DO NOT SLOW THIS RATE …

January 10, 2014