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Orange County REALTORS® Help Homeowners Save Money, Resources

By HOM Editorial Team
April 2015

Energy and water conservation have become imperative in California.

California has suffered from years of drought and periods of rolling power blackouts. Energy and water conservation have become imperative in this environmentally conscious state. There have been many ideas on how to meet these issues, and many of these proposals have been for new rules or laws.

The Orange County Association of REALTORS® believes that when it comes to water and energy issues, information is more effective than legislation. Legislation, such as point-of sale-mandates, makes real estate transactions more costly and complex.

Orange County REALTORS® are leading educational efforts that provide guidance to area homeowners on becoming more energy efficient consumers. As homeowners learn how to become more energy and water efficient, they are also learning how to save money.

REALTORS® are providing education and information on energy conservation topics that include:

  • Financing — Energy-efficient home upgrades can be costly, even though they often save money in the long run. REALTORS® provide information on numerous financing options that range from low-interest loans to Federal Housing Administration mortgages for energy-efficient renovations.
  • Incentive Programs — There are many regional, state and national programs that provide incentives and payment assistance to help defray the cost of energy-efficient renovations and upgrades. In particular, there are many water-saving incentive programs for indoor and outdoor projects in the Orange County area.
  • Home Energy Audits —These audits help homeowners identify where they are using and losing energy to determine what changes would most improve the home’s efficiency and the homeowner’s pocketbook. REALTORS® can help homeowners understand how to find reliable auditors. An auditor’s objective analysis helps to prevent homeowners from buying the latest trend in energy efficiency that may not be a good fit for the homeowner’s needs.
  • Solar Panels — An unwary consumer could easily be duped into installing solar panels, when a less costly alternative could work just as well. REALTORS® have recently shared information on some of the common pitfalls of solar panels so that consumers can weigh the pros and cons.
  • Resources — The “green industry” is constantly evolving and growing more complex. It is impossible for any one organization to know everything about this industry. Orange County REALTORS® can answer a lot of questions for consumers, and when more information is needed they can point consumers toward other reliable resources.

Energy and water efficiency are good for the environment, and are good for consumers’ finances. Orange County REALTORS® are helping to show how to become more efficient.

For information on residential energy conservation, visit Energy Upgrade California’s website. For information on rebates for water conservation, visit the website of the Municipal Water District of Orange County.

The Municipal Water District of Orange County has information on rebates for water conservation on its website.

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