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Why We Need to Reform the Home Inspection Process in Park Forest

By Anthony SanFilippo
June 2018
Home Inspection

The Village of Park Forest requires every home to be inspected before it can be sold to a new owner.

But, the village will not conduct this inspection until after the sales contract has been signed.

Waiting this far into the sales process can cause serious delays in the sale of the property. In fact, it could cause the sale to fall through completely as well as put undue stress and pressure on the seller to have to pay for repairs in a very short window of time.

This doesn’t have to happen in Park Forest.

Instead, the Village should conduct its inspection as soon as possible after a home is listed for sale. This way all code violations can be discovered up front, which improves transparency for the sale while giving the seller adequate time to make necessary repairs before ever signing a contract to sell their home.

It’s a win-win scenario for everyone – and all it takes is a little cooperation from the Village.

But this won’t happen without your help.

You can be a great Park Forest neighbor by taking action today and letting Village Officials (Board of Trustees and the Mayor) now that you support the notion of house inspections as soon as a home is listed for sale, and not waiting until it is under contract.

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