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5 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Clean Your Home (Again)

By Tanya Svoboda
August 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has us spending more time at home, and more time at home means more messes to clean. Combine that with an increased awareness of germs and common touchpoints and you might find your cleaning motivation is dwindling faster than your supply of disinfecting wipes.

While it might seem tiresome, experts agree the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your home is to wash your hands frequently and regularly clean and disinfect surfaces. If you’re looking for some cleaning inspiration to up your routine and keep your home safe, we’ve rounded up 5 popular Instagram accounts that take cleaning to the next level, and even make it look fun.

1. Mrs. Hinch – @mrshinchhome

Best for Daily Disinfecting Tips

Sophie Hinchliffe, known on Instagram as Mrs. Hinch, lives in Maldon, Essex. While her Instagram page is filled with beautiful photos of her family and home, the real action is in her stories. There you’ll find videos backed with popular music and paired with captions that give you the low down on the products and methods she’s using to clean everything in her home, including the kitchen sink.

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  • Zoflora: If you follow Mrs. Hinch, you’re no stranger to Zoflora. This concentrated disinfectant can be used for mopping, cleaning your washing machine, countertops, and major germ carriers like your cell phone and doorknobs. And it’s often easier to find on sites like ebay.com then traditional US brands.
2. GoCleanCo – @gocleanco

Best for Deep Cleaning Tips

Sarah McAllister, director of Go Clean Co., a Canadian cleaning company, began the irreverent GoCleanCo Instagram account when she was forced to pause regular business operations due to COVID-19. She posts straightforward and honest deep cleaning tips for her “cleaning army” of 486,000 followers.

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  • Laundry stripping: Laundry stripping might sound dirty but we’ll bet your clothes and linens have never been so clean. This multi-hour process that involves soaking your clothes or sheets in a mixture of Tide and Borax is both horrifying (so much dirt!) and oddly satisfying.
3. Lynsey Queen of Clean – @lynsey_queenofcleann

Best for Natural Cleaning Tips

Lynsey Crombie started her Instagram account 4 years ago at the urging of her children. What started out as a personal account quickly turned into much more after her cleaning tips started to get a large response. While Lynsey doesn’t only clean with all-natural products, she does post a good amount of natural cleaning tips.

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  • COVID-19 Tips: Lynsey shares some practical tips for keeping your home safe during COVID-19, like setting up a designated area for coats and shoes and frequently disinfecting your light switches and door handles.
4. Slay at Home Mother – @slayathomemother

Best for Quick Cleaning Tips

Corinne Burghardt lives in Michigan with her husband and three kids. Corinne is constantly updating her arsenal of cleaning hacks and deep cleaning routines for all areas of your home that are perfect for everyday life – and the not so everyday life that comes along with COVID-19.

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  • Clean in 10: Corinne’s Instagram stories are full of motivation (just watch her blast through a sink of dirty dishes) but the true gem of her highlights is her #CleanIn10 series which shows viewers inspirational before and after videos of Corinne tidying up one part of her home in 10 minutes.
5. Clean Mama – @cleanmama

Best for Creating a Cleaning Routine

Clean Mama, Beck Rapinchuk’s Instagram is full of DIY cleaners, quick tips, and resources for how to start a cleaning routine you can stick to. She shares free printables, posts helpful cleaning classes, and simple tips to make daily cleaning achievable for everyone.

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  • Clean Mama app: Clean Mama has partnered with Cozi (an organizing app for families) to create a free app with daily and weekly task reminders so you can make sure you never forget to disinfect all the frequently touched spots in your home.

Right now, during COVID-19, keeping our homes safe means keeping them clean. These “clean-fluencers” can help keep your cleaning routine on track and energized.

The Instagram accounts mentioned in this article were chosen for their great cleaning tips. The personal viewpoints of the account owners/influencers do not necessarily reflect those of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) or homeownershipmatters.realtor.


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