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Natural Disasters

Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

By Anthony SanFilippo
August 2018

Weather is  becoming more extreme these days as record heat, record cold, and intense storms have been battering the United States. The wildfires in California are some of the worst on record. Four different Nor’easters pounded the East Coast with snow in a three-week span… in the Spring, no less. There was even freezing rain in Florida!

With so many unknowns and no area safe from the possibility of extreme weather, it’s important, as a homeowner, to be as prepared as possible.

As part of National Preparedness month, the National Association of REALTORS® wants to remind you of the best ways to prepare for intense weather, how to quickly siphon out basement flooding, and what exactly flood insurance covers, and who needs it.

The following items will come in handy for you to be the most prepared homeowner in your neighborhood.

Be prepared. Take the steps now to protect your property in case of an extreme weather event. And if there is damage to your home, act fast to rectify it and ensure that you are insured. A prepared homeowner is a good homeowner. Be a prepared homeowner.

Infographic: The Cost to Recover
Be an informed homeowner. Learn more about how federal, state and local legislators work in conjunction with communities after a disaster strikes to help those communities recover and prepare for the next one.


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