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Best Podcasts for Homeowners in 2019

By Tanya Svoboda
June 2019

When we scroll on our phones or tablets we often go at breakneck speed – absorbing as much information and entertainment as possible before moving on to the next part of our day. Our handheld devices are tiny escape hatches that contain an endless stream of information. But sometimes, the pace at which we use our devices can make it harder for us to dive deeper into the subjects that interest us.

But podcasts? The modulated voice of the podcast show’s host often sets a comfortable pace – one that can feel more conducive to absorbing the information they are laying down. Best of all, they can play in the background while we tend to other things.

It can be inspiring to listen to podcasts that align with the task that you’re working on while listening. If you’re a homeowner or prospective homeowner who is ready to tackle an overgrown garden, take on the repair jobs you’ve been side-eyeing all winter or are just focused on the topic of homeownership, the following podcasts are for you.

Best Podcast For First-Time Homeowners

Young House Love

Back in 2007, Sherry and John Petersik started a blog to chronicle the ups and downs of buying and renovating their first home. Since then, the couple has gone on to renovate a total of 5 homes, publish a book, create home products for major retailers like Home Depot and Target and start their own podcast.

They remodel with realistic, affordable materials and furniture (think Ikea) and have a sense of humor about the whole process. Their podcast has great guests and offers tips on purchasing your first home as well as coping when things go wrong after you buy.

Some great episodes to get started with are:

Best Podcast(s) For Home Improvement

It was too hard to pick just one podcast for this category, especially since homeownership is pretty much synonymous with home repairs. If you own a home, something is breaking or about to break at any given point. These two podcasts tell you how to do everything from removing squirrels from your attic to installing recessed lighting.

The Money Pit

This nationally syndicated radio show and podcast is hosted by the very pleasant Leslie Segrete and Tom Kraeutler. They are extremely knowledgeable and have a way of explaining repairs that instills confidence in the novice homeowner. The show has a call-in format, so the episodes are always full of unexpected home repair questions.

Some popular episodes to get started with are:

Fix It 101

This NPR podcast is well loved by both homeowners and professionals. It’s a great place to learn how to do some basic home repairs as well as determining if it’s time to call in outside help. The show is based in Mississippi but covers home repair topics relevant to homeowners across the US.

Some fan favorites to begin with are:

Homeowner Advocacy

The Holistic Housing Podcast

The Holistic Housing Podcast is created by the National Association for County Community and Economic Development (NACCED). Hosts Sarah and Laura have a great banter and aren’t afraid to inject humor into their episodes. Show topics include; urban revitalization, placemaking, the American Dream and more. The duo also bring on thought leaders and lawmakers to talk about how current policies affect homeowners and their communities.

Here are a couple of good episodes to get started with:

The REALTOR® Party Podcasts

The REALTOR® Party was created in order to promote the candidates and public policies that support homeowners and their property rights. Though their podcasts are not regularly scheduled, the episodes they have up are worth a listen as they cover policy issues relevant to homeowners.

Best Podcast For Homeowners On The Move:

Real Estate Today Radio

For most of us, our homes are the biggest investment we’ll ever make, so loading up a podcast that give homeowners a competitive edge is worth it. Real Estate Radio maintains fast pace and sticks to relevant and critical information. The host, Stephen Gasque, of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is well suited for the job with a background in both journalism and real estate.

Technically, this is a live radio show, but all the episodes are available podcast style as well. So it’s your preference.

Here are a couple of solid, past episodes to get you started:

Homeowner FinancesAfford Anything

While host Paula Pant has some great expert interviews, the best part of her podcasts is how actionable each of them are. She often breaks down the numbers that are put before her by callers who need help purchasing a home or getting out of debt.

For example, in her May 27, 2019 podcast she helps Amy decide whether or not she should downsize to a smaller home. She also helps Katherine create a budget so she can househack her duplex. (Househacking means buying a multi-unit property that you plan to live in as well as rent out.)

Here are a few of Pant’s podcasts that are most relevant to homeowners:


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