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How REALTORS Are Watching Out for You and Future Homeowners

By HOM Editorial Team
December 2015

Fast Fact: The National Association of REALTORS® Issues Mobilization grants help keep you and your neighbors aware and informed about public policy changes that would impact your wallet and your home.

Too often, legislators target homeowners when seeking to fund federal programs. Even recently,some tried to put the financial burden of highway and transportation programs on the backs of homeowners.

A proposal in Congress would have diverted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s guarantee fees (sometimes called “G fees”) to pay for these long overdue national highway and transportation improvements. Each time G fees are used for unrelated government spending, America’s homeowners wind up paying more for their mortgages and America’s taxpayers are exposed to additional unnecessary risk.

The National Association of REALTORS® opposed this attempt through its Call-For-Action program, pursuant to which Realtors® around the country stood up and spoke out on your behalf, telling members of Congress that guarantee fees are meant to insure mortgages — not pay for highway and transportation problems.

But NAR isn’t just working to address Realtor® issues at the national level. For over two decades, NAR has funded the Issues Mobilization Program, helping your State and Local REALTOR® Associations raise awareness and educate consumers and members of Congress about critical policy issues that impact state and local communities just like yours.

The Issue Mobilization program provides your State and Local REALTOR® Associations with the financial and technical assistance needed closer to home, in order to conduct local public policy opinion polls and economic studies, and supports initiatives to pass laws that protect you and your home’s value.

What Are Some Examples of Successful Local Efforts?

  • North Carolina: Opposition to a proposed real estate transfer tax increase that would have cost homeowners millions of dollars.
  • Columbia Missouri: Opposition to a proposed local ordinance that would have negatively impacted homeowners’ private property rights.
  • Arizona: Passed a constitutional amendment prohibiting real estate transfer taxes, saving homeowners and would-be homeowners millions of dollars.
  • Palm Beach,Florida.: Defeated a millage rate increase that would have made Port St. Lucie one of the most highly taxed municipalities in Florida.

Tell us what you think, or ask a question about the National Association of REALTORS® Issues Mobilization initiatives, and the important role your state and local REALTOR® associations play in protecting your home and wallet.Email asktheexpert@shariolefson.com


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