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Protecting the American Dream

By John Smaby, President, The National Association of REALTORS®
July 2019

While the nation recognized National Homeownership Month in June, the fight to protect and preserve the American Dream endures all year long. Perhaps better than any other group, Realtors® recognize and understand how homeownership has the potential to change lives and enhance futures for people from every background and in every corner of this country.

Homeownership encourages people to build roots and invest in their neighborhoods. It is well documented that homeowners volunteer, serve on community boards and are even more likely to vote in local elections. What’s more, studies have shown that the children of homeowners perform better in school and go on to earn more money as adults.

Across the U.S., real estate accounts for one-fifth of our Gross Domestic Product. That figure totals more than $3 trillion – and represents a key driver of our national economy.

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