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Grosse Pointe, MichiganGrosse Pointe, Mich.

Two Michigan Cities Rank High On List Of Best Places To Retire

By Anthony SanFilippo
February 2019

When it comes time to retire, seniors have many factors to consider.

Most of them deal directly with finances – figuring out if they have saved enough money over the years to retire comfortably, or how to change their daily financial routines to live on a more rigidly fixed income.

But there are other things that matter to seniors too once they stop having to endure the grind of a 40-hour or more work week.

Health care is also going to be at or near the top of the list, and quality of life issues like access to nature in nearby parks, walking paths and trails, recreation, such as golf, or tennis and, yes, even entertainment.

All of these things culminate in one key decision for retirees – where is the best place to live in those golden years?

According to a recent study, a pair of Michigan cities ranked in the Top 10. Farmington placed No. 6 on the list while Grosse Pointe came in at No. 9.

SmartAsset.com, a financial technology company that offers consumers tools to assist with homebuying, retirement planning and taxes, recently published a list of the 10 best places to retire in the United States.

Their retirement experts began by compiling data about factors that matter most to retirees, like an area’s tax burden, the ease of access to medical facilities and recreational activities, and more.

They also measured the percentage of the population that is made up of senior citizens so there’ll be a surplus of others also enjoying their later years.

Naples, Fla. Ranked No. 1 in the study.

Best Places to Retire

Rank City
1 NAPles, FL
2 Cumming, GA
4 Gig Harbor, WA
5 Media, PA
6 Farmington, MI
7 New Port Richey, FL
8 Westlake Village, CA
9 Grosse Pointe, MI
10 Orange Park, FL

Ask most folks at or near retirement age, and they’ll likely tell you that they want to stay right where they are. That’s no surprise as it’s difficult to uproot your life in your sixties and move away.

But, ask younger people if they want to live where they currently do once they reach retirement age and you’ll start to find more people who would like to live out their retirement somewhere else.

Younger generations are more willing to move about the country than their predecessors. Advancements in communication technology make it easier to maintain relationships with friends and family even from a long distance, which has given people more relocation options to consider than ever before.

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So, when younger working people start to consider where they might want to end up when they reach retirement age, being “somewhere else” is going to become a trendy option.

That “somewhere else” could well be in Michigan, especially places like Farmington and Grosse Pointe that have a lot to offer the pending retiree.

  • Farmington is a popular retirement community with plenty to do including its signature event – River Fest. For automobile enthusiasts there is the Four Corners Rod Run, where classic cars, lowriders and hot rods are on display. And nowhere does the July 4th celebration carry on as long as it does in Farmington where the city has a series of Freedom Days which include fireworks, nighttime parades and a party in the park several times each summer. Retirees can also stay active and in tune with nature at the popular TreeRunner West Bloomfield Adventure Park. Those in need of medical assistance have plenty of access to care with 21.8 medical centers per 1,000 residents.
  • Grosse Pointe is a peaceful suburb just north of Detroit where eight percent of the population is seniors. It has several attractions like Fisher Mansion, Belle Ire Park and the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. In addition there are casinos, race tracks, amusement parks, planetariums, farms and cider mills to visit. In addition, you can have fun with family at amusement parks and planetariums. Grosse Pointe also contains 4.5 recreation centers and 24.5 medical facilities per 1,000 people.

The rest of the Top Ten list includes, Cumming, Ga. (No. 2), Beverly Hills Calif. (No. 3), Gig Harbor, Wash. (No. 4), Media, Pa. (No. 5), New Port Richey, Fla. (No. 7), Westlake Village, Calif. (No, 8) and Orange Park, Fla. (No. 10).


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