Why you should support Home Inspector Licensing in Ohio

By Anthony SanFilippo

Home inspection


When the time comes to buy or sell a home, all parties involved hold their collective breath as the home inspector is called in to check every nook and cranny of the property.  If done poorly, the home inspection could make or break a potential sale, arguably making it the most crucial step to buying a home.

Consumers assume that all home inspectors are diligent and equally committed to following industry standards.  After all, it is the home inspectors’ report that ensures a home is in proper working order and that the buyer can rest assured in their investment.  Yet, here in Ohio many would be surprised to learn that home inspectors have no oversight leaving consumers with no real way to differentiate between a good and a bad practitioner.

Ohio buyers and sellers are left to cross their fingers and hope they land upon a competent inspector.  It’s a risky move – especially when it’s the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime.

“The home inspection report is often times the final factor in a consumer’s decision to purchase a property.” – Pete Kopf, Ohio REALTORS® President, 2017


The need to protect consumers is why Rep. Jim Hughes, R-Upper Arlington, and some of his colleagues in the Ohio Legislature want to change the way home inspectors operate here in Ohio.

With support from the Ohio REALTORS®, Hughes introduced House Bill 211, which would require licensure for all Ohio home inspectors and create an oversight board to handle licensing and monitor their performance.

The Bill would require 80 hours of education, a peer review for new inspectors and a path to licensure for current inspectors.

Currently the bill is awaiting passage out of the Ohio House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee.

“The Ohio consumer is unaware that home inspectors are not licensed in our state. Therefore, when an Ohio Home inspector does not perform well, the buyer and seller are both harmed.” – Pete Kopf, Ohio REALTORS® President, 2017


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