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While a non-contingent offer can increase your chances of snagging the home of your dreams, it’s not without risk.

Learn how to clean the air in your new home so you move into a healthy environment.

How to refinance if you requested mortgage forbearance during the pandemic.

Did you know that foreign investors account for nearly one third of institutional investment purchases of single family and rental homes?

New legislation aims to provide quality legal representation to homeowners in manufactured housing communities.

REALTORS® can help make the home buying process more efficient and less stressful for disabled homebuyers.

Fair Housing

Real estate leaders and government officials continue to work together to create a more just and equitable homebuying system.

America is one step closer to making sure every person can secure housing without discrimination.

Co-owning a home isn’t just for married couples – siblings, parents and their children, partners, and even friends can own a home together.

First-time Home Buyers

When you see a home listed for sale “as-is” what comes to mind? Terms like fixer-upper, disrepair, and money pit? Or, bargain, opportunity, and investment?