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With interest rates now on the rise, first-time homebuyers are likely to be the buyers most adversely affected.

Show business is bringing jobs, tourism, and a housing boom to New Mexico. Industry giants like Netflix, Facebook, and most recently NBCUniversal, have been setting up shop in the Land of Enchantment since 2017.

New leadership at HUD, plus executive orders from President Biden may be the right formula to finally meeting the goals of the Fair Housing Act.

First-time Home Buyers

How to decide if you should buy or wait when the housing market has a limited inventory of homes to choose from.

According to a recent survey, 52% of Americans who bought their first home in 2020 said that family or friends helped them make their down payment.

Buyers selling their home during the COVID-19 pandemic are finding their options limited when they have to leave for showings.

As families and communities across the country begin to navigate the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people face the challenge of not knowing where to go for help.


Homebuyers are looking at rural and suburban areas as their need to be located in an urban center dwindles and desire for more space increases.


A look at how the pandemic has changed which features are the most important to prospective home buyers.

See the list of states with some of the fastest rising home insurance rates in the country.