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Winter offers some unique advantages to homebuyers. Here are three of the top reasons why the off-season can actually be a great time to explore the market.

Noticing new shops, restaurants, and construction projects? Here are seven signs that a boom is coming to your city or town.

After the extensive process of finding the perfect dream home, now you’re finally ready for the big move.

America’s infrastructure has become like an old home in need of a deeper renovation. Its roads may be freshly paved, but underneath the new asphalt are 100-year-old water mains that could fail at any time.

It’s time to take this dream of homeownership off the backburner and make moves, both figuratively and literally.

Investment in mass transit has far-reaching effects that benefit homeowners, fuel the economy and increase sustainability.

Candidates often talk about “making sure there is enough money for local infrastructure.” But what does that really mean to you as a homeowner?

Most people who take out a loan to buy a home choose the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. It’s considered the gold standard. And yet, some want to see it go away.

Right now, the home insurance industry is experiencing what many refer to as a disruption because of the data smart devices can provide them.

First-time Home Buyers

There are a lot of different routes for first-time homebuyers to enter the housing market – and many of those roads are designed to help them traverse the sometimes craggily path toward homeownership.