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There are currently 1.5 million individuals that have been diagnosed with ASDs in the United States. The demand for homes that will appeal to the unique needs of these adults is growing.

Waking up to discover your finished basement is knee-high with water or returning home to find that a thunderstorm “installed” a new window in your living room is every homeowner’s fear.

Affordable Housing

Inventory is too low – That’s a fact. It’s also a fact that industry groups aren’t sitting idly by. Here’s their strategy.

First-time Home Buyers

Not every parent is in a position to write a big check. There are plenty of alternative ways to support their dream of homeownership.


Where is the best place to live in your golden years? When it comes time to retire, seniors have many factors to consider.

First-time Home Buyers

Ten Million Americans said last month that their top financial goal for 2019 is to buy a home.


The partial government shutdown is having a negative impact on the real estate market.

Affordable Housing, First-time Home Buyers

The supply of homes for sale and the vacancy rates for rental housing have stabilized and are inching up again. But, demand is outpacing the current supply — especially at entry-level points in the market.


While many homeowners, homebuyers and real estate investors will see benefits from this legislation, some markets may still see diminished tax benefits and adverse impacts to the real estate market.

Affordable Housing

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