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Preserve Itemized Deductions for Kansas Homeowners

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Tell your elected officials that you support pro-homeownership policies like the mortgage interest and property tax deductions.


Kansas income tax filers may only itemize deductions on state tax filings if they itemize on their federal return. As a result, income taxes on Kansas homeowners could increase from recent changes to Federal tax policy.

Because the new standard deduction for Federal taxes has increased to $12,000 for single filers and $24,000 for joint returns, many homeowners will no longer be able to take advantage of Kansas itemized deductions – unless the Kansas legislature fixes it. Most severely impacted will be the middle class homeowners.

If the Legislature does nothing, the result is an income tax increase on middle-class homeowners.

But, with your help, you can tell the Legislature that you support preserving interest and property tax deductions.


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