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Support short-term rentals that help power Rhode Island’s tourism industry

Homeowners know that for Rhode Island’s economy to stay strong, they need the right to rent out their property.


  • Rhode Island’s short-term rental market generated $24 million in revenue

  • Our State had 111,700 visitors between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day*

  • *Source: WPRI

Rental properties are an important part of the local economy where we live.

Short term rental properties are critical to the health of Rhode Island’s tourism industry. Having the ability to rent out a room in their house or a vacation property helps Rhode Island homeowners make ends meet. Government regulations on short term rental properties are a financial burden on private property owners – and make it unnecessarily difficult to rent properties.

Short term rentals are good business for our community – and good for Rhode Island’s economy.

SIGN THE PETITION and tell our state legislators to support Rhode Island homeowner’s short-term rental rights.

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