Take a minute now to thank Congress for passing the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.



Please take a minute right now to tell the Mayor and City Council to continue taking concrete steps to address the shortage of affordable housing in our community.

Housing affordability is a major crisis found in nearly every community in Washington state, including here in towns like Vancouver. Growing pressure and demand for housing has led to skyrocketing prices and low housing supply.

In fact, families in all income groups are struggling to find affordable housing. This affects every segment of the housing and rental markets.

Thanks to work done by the state legislature this year, funds and other resources are now available to help local communities address the housing shortage and tackle homelessness.

As this process continues, please encourage the Mayor and our City Council to make the necessary changes to local policies and regulations that give us access to these new tools. These actions will enable the construction of affordable choices for individuals and families in our community especially our teachers, nurses, public safety workers and others working in the service and hospitality industries.

Please take a moment to sign our statement of support.

YES! I support the Mayor and City Council in finding new solutions that unlock the door to opportunities through more diversity of affordable housing in our community.

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