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Infographic: Desire to Buy Strong Despite Affordability, Economic Concerns

Although only half of surveyed households believe the economy is currently improving, nearly all young renters eventually want to buy a home, and a convincing majority still view homeownership as part of their American Dream, according to a new quarter …

December 17, 2015

Illinois REALTORS® Douse Fire Sprinkler Mandate

Illinois REALTORS® fought off government overreach when it fired up its membership to defeat a costly mandate on fire sprinklers. The Illinois fire marshal launched a campaign to require fire sprinklers in all new construction single-family homes, olde …

December 11, 2015

Local Cesspools Are a Housing Issue in Hawaii

There are about 90,000 cesspools in Hawaii receiving wastewater. The state’s Department of Health wants to shut them down and convert to a public sewer system or septic system, but local REALTORS® oppose the conversion because it will affect housing af …

December 11, 2015

How REALTORS Are Watching Out for You and Future Homeowners

REALTORS raise awareness and educate consumers and members of Congress about critical policy issues that impact state and local communities just like yours.

December 6, 2015