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What to Do When Disaster Strikes: Rebuilding After a Hurricane

How to rebuild if your home has been damaged or destroyed by recent storms.

Has COVID-19 Created an Unexpected Move for You? Here’s How to Make Sure You Can Still Vote.

Whether your move is planned or due to an unexpected, making sure you’re registered to vote at your new address is important.

What to Do When Disaster Strikes: Rebuilding After a Wildfire

How to rebuild if your home has been damaged or destroyed by recent wildfires.

CDC eviction moratorium may cause unintended consequences for economy

The CDC put a halt on evictions through the end of 2020 to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. But might that create a new crisis in 2021?

Looking to Retire Early? Here’s How Homeownership Can Help

Learn how you can take advantage of the money you’ve invested into your home to retire early and comfortably.

Assistance Needed Now for Renters Across the Country

Without meaningful rental assistance legislation, the Center for Disease Control’s nationwide federal eviction moratorium is a recipe for disaster for renters and housing providers alike. 


Pflugerville Council abandons tax increase after pressure from residents

After considering a hefty property tax increase to balance its new budget, Pflugerville City Council reversed course amidst pressure from residents.

Residents Impacted by COVID 19 May Receive NYC Emergency Housing Funds

NYC’s emergency housing fund has been helping renters avoid eviction since 2014, but there are obstacles for renters affected by the pandemic.

North Carolinians Prepare for Hurricane Season As Pandemic Continues

North Carolina, which ranks as number three for most hurricanes between 1851 and 2018, is gearing up for the predicted, active hurricane season.

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