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10 Housing Markets

10 Housing Markets Expected to Outperform

By Anthony SanFilippo
February 2020

People in search of housing are like flakes of snow and fingerprints – no two are exactly alike.

There are different things every individual, couple or family are looking for when deciding where to live.

Schools. Neighborhoods. Transportation. Access to shopping and entertainment. Jobs. Affordability. Permutations and combinations abound.

Yet, some metropolitan markets are attracting more residents than others. What’s the difference? Why do people want to move to certain metros and not others?

The National Association of REALTORS® used data on domestic migration, housing affordability for new residents, consistent job growth relative to the national average, population age structure, attractiveness for retirees and home price appreciation, and other variables to identify which markets are succeeding, and why.

Here are the 10 most successful markets, who expect to outperform expectations, in the next 3-5 years:


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