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Wisconsin REALTORS® Continue To Fight For Lower Property Taxes

By HOM Editor
July 2017


Did you know that since 2013, the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA) has saved local homeowners more than 500 million in property taxes?

The WRA believes that inflated property taxes are a serious concern for Wisconsin residents, most of whom pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. According to Wallethub.com, homeowners and businesses are paying approximately $9.6 billion in property taxes, compared to $7.5 billion in income taxes and $4.8 billion in sales taxes. WRA has been working hard to change these unfairly weighted numbers and remove the tax burden from homeowners.

In 2013 the WRA launched a strategic campaign that was entirely dedicated to the outcome of lowering property taxes. The association polled residents and used the information gathered to launch grassroots advocacy campaigns. WRA also put out a call to action, asking all members to individually campaign for lower property taxes. Additionally, lowering property taxes was one of the primary topics REALTORS® discussed with legislators during the annual REALTOR® & Government Day event at the capitol in Madison.

The collective campaign efforts were extremely effective, and property taxes were lowered by $100 million over the following two years. The WRA continued with this outreach formula in 2014 and the second round of campaigning translated into an additional $406 million in lowered property taxes over the next few years.

Presently, the 2017 campaign seeks to add an additional $180 million property tax reduction. However, this campaign contains a new element. Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget not only supports the lowering of property taxes but calls for an increase in school funding. WRA’s campaign has extended its support and during this year’s REALTOR® & Government day more than 300 REALTORS® lobbied their state lawmakers to support Governor Walker’s proposed budget.

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