Home Ownership Matters in Idaho

Home Ownership Matters in Idaho

By HOM Editor
August 2016

Home Ownership Matters in Idaho

Everything You Need Know About Saving For A Down Payment

Fast Fact: Saving for a down payment is the number one obstacle preventing First-time home buyers in Idaho and around the country from achieving the dream of home ownership. Read More.

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Timely, relevant and useful information about Idaho real estate, finance and policy issues for homeowners and prospective homeowners.

Idaho’s Ada County REALTORS® Train Communities in ‘Placemaking’
The Ada County Association of REALTORS® in Idaho knows that quality of life is key to building a strong community and its real estate market. A good quality of life attracts new residents and incentivizes current residents to stay and contribute to the community.
How Do Interest Rates Impact Your Home Value?
One of the ways our government keeps the economy on track is by influencing interest rates. Think of interest as the cost to borrow and use money. Lowering rates encourages people and businesses to borrow and spend, which helps grow jobs and the economy.
Recent Changes at FHA
Before the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was created in 1934, only folks with lot of cash — enough for at least a 50% percent down payment — could get a home loan.. Even then, they had to repay those loans in just a few years because before FHA, there was no such thing as a 30-year mortgage.
Idaho REALTORS® Fight to Keep State Moving in Right Direction
One in four roads in Idaho is in poor condition. Idaho’s roads and bridges are in bad shape, and the Idaho Association of REALTORS® is focusing its efforts on advocating for urgently needed maintenance and repairs. More than 700 of Idaho’s bridges are…

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